My Grandpa's Greenhouse

My Grandpa's Greenhouse

Vegetables and herbs

Starter plants available for vegetable gardens as well as fresh herbs.


We have a pretty good size flock of wooly sheep in a variety of black and white patterns. 


What started as a 4-H project has grown. We have ARBA certified rabbits. Hopefully there will be bunnies for sale soon. 


Not for sale but a great to see! Our horses are the "big dogs" of the farm, 


We have a variety of flowers.

Chickens and Turkeys

Chickens and Royal Palm Turkeys on site with eggs and chicks available seasonally. 


On-site hives for production of honey and wax. From time to time, we also have candles or lip balm available. 

Cows and pigs 

There are a few cows and pigs to check out while visiting.

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